Swedish electric car startup launches record-breaking crowdfunding campaign

September 15, 2017

Uniti, Sweden’s new electric car, successfully launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on their own website today. The goal of this record-breaking campaign is to establish Uniti’s as a legitimate contender in the automotive space supported by a strong grassroots movement.

To support the campaign, Uniti produced a unique crowdfunding video that takes the viewer on a tour through the company’s headquarters in the south of Sweden and sheds light on the impressive achievements of the young company. “Working openly with our wide support network of collaborators and major companies from around the world has prepared us for the milestones ahead,” says founder and CEO Lewis Horne. The video includes appearances of prominent figures such as the CEO of KUKA Robotics Nordics, renowned climate change academic Michael Molitor, and representatives from the global technology giant Siemens, as well as the Vice Prime Minister of Sweden Isabella Lövin.

The Swedish startup Uniti was founded by Australian-born Lewis Horne, a serial entrepreneur who conceived the idea out of a desire to cut the levels of toxic air pollution, which is a crucial issue faced by the global community. Uniti’s innovative design addresses this with their high-tech electric vehicle that emits 42.9 tons less CO2 than an average combustion engine vehicle over its life cycle, and significantly less than any electric car on the market today.

The global electric vehicle (EV) industry is expected to be worth more than $100bn by 2020, with electric vehicles rapidly increasing their market share year on year. Despite the positive outlook, today’s electric vehicles are not leveraging electric mobility technology to its full potential as vehicles on the market remain overweight. Uniti comes in with a radical proposition to produce a mass-market vehicle platform that is sustainable throughout its lifecycle and better utilises electric mobility technology.

Watch the video below for more details.