The Uniti One looks like it rolled straight out of Apple’s keynote

Jan 5, 2019

Uniti doesn’t just want to electrify the car: it wants to change how we approach the car altogether. The Swedish startup is designing an electric vehicle built specifically with sharing in mind, offering space-efficient designs that will interact with smart cities. Its first vehicle, the One, looks a lot like something that could have rolled straight out of Apple’s last keynote.

“We might look like an Apple car but our software DNA is certainly more Android,” said Thomas Westrum, senior vice president of digital at Uniti, when talking to Inverse about Uniti’s future plans.

He explained that Uniti is focused on supporting third-party technologies instead of an Apple-like approach of designing as much as possible itself. This includes a global partnership with Siemens and plans to integrate with smart city functionality. The latter refers to ideas like “Mobility as a Service” or “MaaS,” where a single app could handle payment and map out routes using a mix of whatever available transit is the most convenient.

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