The Uniti One is listed as one of top 10 Swedish innovations

The Uniti One is listed as one of the Top 10 Swedish innovations

Jan 17, 2019

From Anders Celsius’s thermometer in the 1700s to Skype in 2003, Sweden has long been a country that breeds innovation in all areas of life. The official website of Sweden has now published a Top 10 list of innovations that originated in the Scandinavian country, amongst them everyday items such as the zipper, the adjustable wrench, and the artificial pacemaker. Also, the three-point seatbelt is on the list, an invention by Nils Bohlin that positioned his employer Volvo on the next level of automotive safety in 1959.

Sweden is also among the world leaders in the transition towards electric vehicles and is committed to having a 100% fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet by 2030. mentions Uniti as one of the most hyped examples of Swedish innovation in this field.

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Is the world is ready to trade in clown shoes for sneakers?

Is the world is ready to trade in clown shoes for sneakers?

Jan 8, 2019

In an interview with Forbes contributor Devin Thorpe, Uniti CEO and automotive entrepreneur Lewis Horne pushes for the shift to electric mobility and illustrates that selling electric cars like the Uniti One will be like “offering sneakers to a world full of people walking around in clunky clown shoes.”

To make that important shift over the next decade, Lewis also notes that hundreds of millions of internal combustion engine-driven cars will need to be removed from the roads and replaced with efficient electric ones.

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The Uniti One looks like it rolled straight out of Apple’s keynote

The Uniti One looks like it rolled straight out of Apple’s keynote

Jan 5, 2019

Uniti doesn’t just want to electrify the car: it wants to change how we approach the car altogether. The Swedish startup is designing an electric vehicle built specifically with sharing in mind, offering space-efficient designs that will interact with smart cities. Its first vehicle, the One, looks a lot like something that could have rolled straight out of Apple’s last keynote.

“We might look like an Apple car but our software DNA is certainly more Android,” said Thomas Westrum, senior vice president of digital at Uniti, when talking to Inverse about Uniti’s future plans.

He explained that Uniti is focused on supporting third-party technologies instead of an Apple-like approach of designing as much as possible itself. This includes a global partnership with Siemens and plans to integrate with smart city functionality. The latter refers to ideas like “Mobility as a Service” or “MaaS,” where a single app could handle payment and map out routes using a mix of whatever available transit is the most convenient.

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Uniti raises £1m on UK-platform Crowdcube from more than 1500 investors

Uniti raises £1m on UK-platform Crowdcube from more than 1500 investors

January 4, 2019

London – Uniti Sweden, the maker of the 100% electric, autonomous-ready city car Uniti One, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on UK-based platform Crowdcube. This is a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to the success of a company called the “Tesla for megacities” by Business Insider. The company surpassed its initial goal of raising £1,000,000 from more than 1500 investors from 65 countries and has elected to extend the campaign to offer additional investors a chance to “own part of the solution.”

The timing of the campaign correlates with a surge in interest for market-based solutions to deal with the challenges of global climate change. As Sir David Attenborough noted recently at the UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland, “if we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” Core to Uniti’s sustainable model is to provide reductions in traffic congestion, urban pollution and carbon emissions while adding investment and jobs to the local UK economy. “Uniti is designed to dramatically disrupt the existing vehicle ownership model, accelerate the transition to clean transport, and help countries meet Paris climate targets with stronger economic growth,” said Uniti Chairman, Dr. Michael Molitor.

The aim of the current crowdfunding effort is to help accelerate Uniti’s market entry into the UK, where they plan to launch their 2-seat electric car in 2020. In October, the company announced its intent to establish a pilot production plant within the UK’s Silverstone Technology Cluster and has already shifted much of its electric vehicle R&D to the region. Funds raised will go toward supporting this ongoing vehicle development by the engineering team in Northamptonshire.

While the company boasts the support of key global partners such as Siemens and E.On, Uniti has found that raising a portion of its capital needs via crowdfunding to be an excellent match to its community-driven brand DNA. “I decided to make an investment in Uniti because I found something very compelling in the young, passionate team behind the company,” said former Qlik CEO Lars Björk, an early investor in the company. “They’re disrupting an established industry and being bold can really make disruption successful.”

“It’s always great to see innovative businesses, like Uniti, who have ambitious plans, a strong purpose and environmental impact seeking investment on our platform,” said Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube.

For more information, visit Uniti’s crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube at

Please find Uniti’s campaign video below:

Uniti One is one of the new EVs to get excited about in 2019

The Uniti One is listed as one of the Top 10 Swedish innovations

Jan 17, 2019

From high-performance electric cars to augmented reality and wireless charging, 2019 is going to be a landmark year for the EV industry. Amongst all the established players who are releasing new innovations, Leon Poultney from Wired UK presents Uniti as one of the new players on the market.

“Uniti will unveil a pre-production version of its intriguing Uniti One vehicle next year – a fully electric two-seater car that has been conceived and designed for the daily city commute.”

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Uniti opens crowdfunding campaign on UK-platform Crowdcube

Uniti opens equity crowdfunding campaign on UK-platform Crowdcube

December 3, 2018

Cars need to change. Climate scientists warn our window for change is rapidly closing. But people still need to drive to work every day. Uniti’s answer is an affordable electric vehicle (EV) purpose-built for the daily commute, a car that meets the needs of society while offering the right combination of styling, connected features and performance that people rave about.

In October 2018, we announced our plan to establish the first fully digitalised EV production site at Silverstone Park, the home of the British Grand Prix. The UK-based pilot production plant will be used to produce the Uniti One electric car while serving as a blueprint for globally licensed assembly plants throughout the world. As we enter new markets, this “factory-in-a-box” model can be designed to tailor Uniti facilities for the needs of each new market.

To help support our vision for the UK and beyond, we are offering a limited number of shares to be made available through the UK-based Crowdcube platform at a minimum of £10. We anticipate this equity crowdfunding campaign to go quickly so head to our campaign page on Crowdcube and learn more about the campaign now. This is your opportunity to own a part of our business and come onboard Team Uniti!

To learn more about the ongoing equity crowdfunding, please visit

Swedish electric car Uniti surpasses pre-order value of €50 million

Swedish electric car Uniti surpasses pre-order value of €50 million

May 24, 2018

Electric car startup Uniti has reached an expected pre-order value of over €50 million for its groundbreaking electric car, Uniti One. Since unveiling its prototype vehicle during last December’s U17 launch event, Uniti has reported significant interest in the 2-seat Uniti One from prospective buyers and fleet purchasers throughout the world.

“This is an important milestone for our new company,” said Robin Eriksson, Uniti CMO. “We conducted a small market test to validate the demand of our vehicle and the response has been very strong. We are now working intensively with our development and production partners to finalise supply potential so we can scale accordingly.”

Global demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly, with many industry analysts predicting a 10x increase in sales by 2025 and a 30x increase by 2030. While bringing affordable EVs to market profitably at scale remains a challenge in the automotive industry, Uniti is positioning its lightweight vehicle as a solution to this challenge. The Uniti One is designed with strict parameters for energy efficiency, allowing it to offer a targeted 150-300 km single charge range without requiring larger, more cost prohibitive batteries. Beyond range, the Uniti One boasts sporty handling and a user experience more akin to modern smartphones than cars. Executives at Uniti consider their reported pre-order volume as confirmation for this positioning strategy.

“We have a long way to go towards our production model, certification, and the delivery of our first cars, but the commitment the market has already shown for our product and our brand goes a long way to accelerate this process” added Lewis Horne, Uniti CEO.

Uniti will offer the Uniti One initially to buyers in northern European metro areas with first deliveries planned for early 2020. Additional markets for the vehicle will be added progressively shortly thereafter.  Uniti’s sales model notably skips the industry-standard dealership network, and instead, engages customers through direct sales on their website or via partnerships with consumer electronics retailers. Servicing will be handled in a lean and agile manner through established retailers throughout Europe.

Uniti also regularly posts updates on their progress via their YouTube channel, here they show the latest test drive of the Uniti One prototype.

Swedish auto startup Uniti unveils its first car – the bold city EV, “Uniti One”

Swedish auto startup Uniti unveils its first car – the bold city EV, “Uniti One”

December 7, 2017

Uniti, Sweden’s newest electric carmaker, today revealed its eagerly awaited new vehicle, the Uniti One. The stylish yet affordable vehicle is designed to set new standards in sustainability, safety, and convenience.

Held at the company’s production facility in Landskrona, Uniti’s first annual launch event (U17) offered a first peek of the capabilities of Uniti One in front of a 2,000-people strong crowd of press, insiders, enthusiasts, investors, and partners. Audience members were given a hands-on preview of the vehicle’s many innovative features, such as impressive energy efficiency, and it’s unique and intuitive user experience. Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti states, “We are pleased to share our progress and demonstrate our vision for future mobility as we move towards mass production.” A demonstration of its forward-thinking interior drew audible interest as it showcased two available steering options, one traditional and also their world-first, center pivot joystick control system unique to Uniti.

The event also included demonstrations and symposia from teams representing twenty-four key partners including Nvidia, Siemens, Tele2, E.ON, Kuka Robotics, Haldex, BorgWarner, Fanuc Robots and many more. To illustrate how the highly sustainable Uniti One will emit at least 75% less carbon across its lifecycle, partner Kuka Robotics demonstrated a vision of Uniti’s lean and automated approach to manufacturing, one that is significantly more scalable than traditional automotive production methods.

Prospective drivers in Sweden can visit in-store showrooms to see the Uniti One for themselves by visiting MediaMarkt locations in Malmö (Svågertorp) and Stockholm (Nacka) through March 2018.

Uniti and MediaMarkt Sweden team up to disrupt car distribution

Uniti and MediaMarkt Sweden team up to disrupt car distribution

December 5, 2017

MediaMarkt Sweden, part of Europe’s largest consumer electronics retail group, is teaming up with what is rapidly becoming Europe’s most disruptive car company, to bring Uniti vehicles to the masses. Starting on the morning of December 8th, Uniti vehicles will be initially available to view and pre-order in two key MediaMarkt stores: Nacka Stockholm, and Svågertorp Malmö. The product launch test phase will last a few months.

“This new physical marketplace style e-commerce agreement is a world-first for automotive, and could be the start of a very different and convenient way to own or lease an electric car.” – Verena Kitowski, Uniti Commerce Manager

Large crowds are expected at the in-store launch, as people will be able to view the two-seater version of Uniti’s new product line, and test out the car interior in Virtual Reality. Uniti’s product experts will be onsite to answer questions and to take pre-orders with a refundable deposit of 1.399SEK (€149), which can be placed in-store or online. First deliveries are expected in 2020, but this is the chance for people to join the queue to be the first to test-drive and own Sweden’s new electric car.

Those that pre-order a Uniti vehicle will receive first access to the online Uniti vehicle configurator that will be released later in 2019. Through the online configurator, prospective buyers will be able to select their desired model, car options, service packages, financial preferences, delivery options, trade-ins, and make the final commitment to buy.

The launch of Uniti’s first two MediaMarkt retail showrooms will commence the morning after the young car company launches their new product line in their Swedish production facility. The event will include several thousand people and partners, and is their first annual product launch event.

“Our vehicles belong beside flagship smartphones and premium home electronics. MediaMarkt Sweden is part of the leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe, so this partnership made a lot of sense.” – Lewis Horne, CEO Uniti.

“The cooperation with Uniti is in line with our ambition of driving innovation and offering the latest tech and new experiences to our customers. Uniti’s electric car is launching with the best possible timing and we are particularly happy about partnering with such a young and exciting Swedish company that will support the Swedish industry in the long run.” – Per Kaufmann, CEO MediaMarkt Sweden

Swedish Uniti owners will receive 5 years of free solar energy for charging

Swedish Uniti owners will receive 5 years of free solar energy for charging

December 4, 2017

The Swedish automotive manufacturer Uniti partners with E.ON with a unique benefit for their Swedish customers: With the purchase of a Uniti car in Sweden, E.ON customers receive five years worth of energy for charging their car at home, and the electricity is guaranteed to be sourced from solar cells.

At Uniti, the issue of sustainability is an important one. It is not just about developing a vehicle that is electric and the types of materials used in the production process – the source of the energy used for charging is just as important, the entire product life cycle must be sustainable. ”This is also a new approach. We know that most of the charging, especially for these types of cars, will take place at home. These kinds of solution are therefore particularly sustainable”, says Tobias Ekman, Innovation Manager at Uniti.

Uniti launches the new product line in their Swedish production facility on the 7th of December. The event includes more than two thousand guests and exhibitions from partner companies, and is their first annual product launch event.

The Swedish company has already received close to 1000 pre-orders through a convenient online pre-order process, with a refundable deposit of €149 on their website. First deliveries are expected in 2020, but this is the chance for people to join the queue to be the first to test-drive and own Sweden’s new electric car.

Using a human-centric approach, Uniti’s design focuses on the driver’s needs and may come to change the view of what a car is. “Today, there are many new possibilities. The car and the driving experience has been digitalized in order to increase safety, comfort and driving pleasure while minimizing environmental impact,” explains Ekman.

“This partnership is entirely in line with our profile: New thinking and renewable energy,” says Karin Waldén, Business Development Manager E.ON eMobility Nordic.