McLaren F1? Pah, what you need is a 65bhp city car

The Uniti One is a three-seat, £15k electric city car

Oct 14, 2019

McLaren F1? Pah, what you need is a 65bhp city car with a central driving position

Until now, your options for three-seat vehicles with a centrally mounted driving position were catered for mainly by supercars and hypercars. Unobtanium like the McLaren F1, Speedtail… heck, even Gordon Murray’s upcoming T50 supercar.

Joining that esteemed list of exotica then, is this cheery lil’ fella. It’s called the Uniti One, and it’s a three-seat… £15,100 electric city car with 65bhp.

This Swedish-designed urban pod – engineered in the UK – will be offered with two battery packs. The standard car gets a 12kWh unit offering 93 miles of range from a single charge, while an optional 24kWh pack gives you 186 miles in one sitting. Uniti says 62 miles of range can be added in just ten minutes using a 50kW CCS charger.

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Aug 10, 2019

EV startups are popping up left and right during this electric car revolution that has begun to change the world as we know it. It is a new age that involves the implementation of environmentally friendly features that allows customers to keep more cash in their wallet well after their purchase. People have seen the success of Tesla as an all-electric company and hope to hop on the bandwagon with their own ideas for this new class of cars. compiled a list of the new EV companies that they believe are worth watching due to their ingenious ideas and designs and listed Uniti on the #1 spot.

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Carmakers Face Existential CO2 Threat From the EU

Europe’s Carmakers Face Existential CO2 Threat

Aug 6, 2019

Forget Brexit, China, tariff wars, weakening markets and the cost of new technology; European automakers face a more imminent and massive challenge in 2020 from harsh new European Union (EU) fuel economy rules which threaten to wipe out profits, and then some.

The EU demands that by 2021, each carmaker must produce a fleet of cars and SUVs with an average CO2 fuel economy of the equivalent of 57.4 miles per U.S. gallon. This increases by a step through 2025 to 92 miles per U.S. gallon average by 2030.

As the rules begin to bite, the European car buying public will finally get to see what is being done in their name by distant politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels. For instance, VW has said by 2030 it will be too expensive to make small cars like the Up and Polo. First-time buyers may be forced into buying limited range and cheap little electric runabouts like Sweden’s Uniti or the Citroen Ami One. They will be told this is being done to save the planet.

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The Uniti One is listed as one of top 10 Swedish innovations

The Uniti One is listed as one of the Top 10 Swedish innovations

Jan 17, 2019

From Anders Celsius’s thermometer in the 1700s to Skype in 2003, Sweden has long been a country that breeds innovation in all areas of life. The official website of Sweden has now published a Top 10 list of innovations that originated in the Scandinavian country, amongst them everyday items such as the zipper, the adjustable wrench, and the artificial pacemaker. Also, the three-point seatbelt is on the list, an invention by Nils Bohlin that positioned his employer Volvo on the next level of automotive safety in 1959.

Sweden is also among the world leaders in the transition towards electric vehicles and is committed to having a 100% fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet by 2030. mentions Uniti as one of the most hyped examples of Swedish innovation in this field.

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The Uniti One looks like it rolled straight out of Apple’s keynote

The Uniti One looks like it rolled straight out of Apple’s keynote

Jan 5, 2019

Uniti doesn’t just want to electrify the car: it wants to change how we approach the car altogether. The Swedish startup is designing an electric vehicle built specifically with sharing in mind, offering space-efficient designs that will interact with smart cities. Its first vehicle, the One, looks a lot like something that could have rolled straight out of Apple’s last keynote.

“We might look like an Apple car but our software DNA is certainly more Android,” said Thomas Westrum, senior vice president of digital at Uniti, when talking to Inverse about Uniti’s future plans.

He explained that Uniti is focused on supporting third-party technologies instead of an Apple-like approach of designing as much as possible itself. This includes a global partnership with Siemens and plans to integrate with smart city functionality. The latter refers to ideas like “Mobility as a Service” or “MaaS,” where a single app could handle payment and map out routes using a mix of whatever available transit is the most convenient.

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Uniti One is one of the new EVs to get excited about in 2019

The Uniti One is listed as one of the Top 10 Swedish innovations

Jan 17, 2019

From high-performance electric cars to augmented reality and wireless charging, 2019 is going to be a landmark year for the EV industry. Amongst all the established players who are releasing new innovations, Leon Poultney from Wired UK presents Uniti as one of the new players on the market.

“Uniti will unveil a pre-production version of its intriguing Uniti One vehicle next year – a fully electric two-seater car that has been conceived and designed for the daily city commute.”

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