Seamlessly connected to your digital life

Our vision is to offer the ideal platform for urban mobility — one that is more connected, more personalised, and easier to use.

Android OS

Each Uniti One is loaded with Android Automotive OS, an integrated system that brings intuitive access to Google Maps, Waze, Spotify and dozens of other Play Store apps and services without requiring the use of a smartphone. This allows drivers to safely switch between their preferred navigation, messaging, or music apps without the distraction of reaching into their pocket. Beyond infotainment, Android OS offers drivers simple controls for vehicle functions, such as Uniti One’s rearview camera or HVAC system, all from the same familiar touch screen or hands-free, voice activated interface.

Continuous Evolution

The Uniti One will also offer smartphone-style, over-the-air (OTA) software updates. These updates will allow Uniti to continuously improve the safety and performance of your vehicle while greatly reducing the time traditionally required at a servicing centre for ongoing maintenance. Moreover, OTA updates keep your vehicle experience feeling current for years to come through added features and regular enhancements to your vehicle’s touchscreen interface.

Uniti One’s driver centric, split-screen dashboard was designed to keep your digital experience visable at a glance and easily within reach 

Future Ready

Uniti’s digital architecture has been developed to handle the rapidly expanding ecosystem of services coming to cities around the world in the next decade. Faster networks, connected infrastructure, and IoT devices will unleash innovations in safety and convenience that will transform daily urban driving. Uniti is committed to ensuring that your vehicle is upgradeable to take full advantage of these innovations as they become available and economically viable.