Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any concerns or questions not addressed below, please contact our Customer Support team. Please note our support hours are currently 9am-5pm CET, Monday-Friday.

Individuals who placed a full deposit from October 1st until November 30th, 2019, are considered members of the Uniti Founders Club. These members will receive all future OTA software applications, updates and enhancements completely free of charge for life, and benefit from access to exclusive events, offers and services. Their Uniti One will also carry an individually-numbered ‘Founder’ plaque, marking its significance in Uniti’s journey.

Our limited Founders Club offer closed on November 30th, 2019 and we are not taking additional orders at this time. Please be sure to put yourself on our waiting list and we’ll contact you once our vehicles are ready for delivery to your country.

We will keep you up to date via email when new information becomes available about your vehicle.

Please check your spam folder. If you haven’t received a confirmation or if your details are incorrect, please send an email to

Uniti New Car Warranty:

Every new Uniti One comes as standard with a 3 year 60,000 mile/100,000 km manufactures warranty, covering your vehicle in the unlikely event a manufacturing defect should occur.

Battery Warranty:

If the battery capacity level of your Uniti One falls below 75% within 60,000 miles/100,000 km or the first 5 years of the vehicle’s life (whichever comes first), Uniti will repair or replace the damaged battery components free of charge to bring the capacity up to 75%.

Electric Driveline:

To give complete peace of mind the driveline of each new Uniti One is covered for five years or 60,000 miles/100,000 km, ensuring carefree ownership.     

Anti-perforation Warranty:

Along with a compressive warranty each new Uniti One comes with an extensive 12-year anti-perforation warranty, protecting your vehicle against rust perforation.   

Uniti Breakdown Cover:

Every new Uniti One comes with a 2 year 24hr UK and European breakdown package as standard. After the 2 year period has ended you will be able to renew your breakdown cover annually.

Uniti Vehicle Servicing:

Uniti offers low priced fixed servicing through their approved service partner network, ensuring you are aware of your yearly basic servicing costs throughout the ownership of your Uniti One.

Your deposit is fully refundable up until the time you confirm your final vehicle configuration and your vehicle is commissioned for build at the factory. You will be notified in advance of this date should you change your mind and wish to refund your deposit. If you would like a refund at that point, please note that this process normally takes up to 5-10 working days.

No, your booking reference number is personal and cannot be transferred.

To update your booking details please sign in to your Uniti account and update your personal information. We will also contact you and confirm your shipping details when your vehicle is ready to be delivered.