Uniti Team

We are not only reinventing the car, we are reinventing the company. We want to build a brand not made with actors in TV commercials but from real, authentic, passionate people. It is our team and company culture that makes us special.

Check our career page for opportunities to join Team Uniti.

Lewis Horne Lewis Horne CEO
Anton Franzén CTO
Florian Schiewald CFO
Albin Wilson Art Director
Bianca Anghelescu Executive Assistant
Bo Johansson Chief Inventor
Carl Nilsson Nyman Software Engineering Intern
Uniti _ Eric Marquez _ Digital Designer Eric Marquez Digital Designer
Gabriela Caceres Accounting Intern
Gabriella Nylén Team Relations Director
Uniti Sweden _ Gaurav Kumar _ Design Intern Gaurav Kumar Design Intern
Isak Monrad-Aas Prototyping Manager & YouTube Personality
Johan Persson Project Manager
Johan Reerslev Sourcing Engineer
Julius Nobling Design Coordinator
Uniti Sweden _ Katerina Mirkoska Katerina Mirkoska HR & Labour Relations Specialist
Kevin Lamb Creative
Kim Johansson Cognitive Ergonomics Designer
Kristofer Jansson Science Officer
Kristoffer Syversen Software & Electronics Coordinator
Marcelo Aguiar Automotive Designer
Mattias Eklund Software Engineering Intern
Michael 'Sanchez' Bano Autonomous Systems Director
Uniti _ Michael Molitor _ Senior Advisor Michael Molitor Chairman
Mikael Murstam Software Engineering Intern
Mona Huber Creative Director
Patrik Johannesson Corporate Finance & Accounting Manager
Uniti _ Pavel Calderon _ Director of New Materials Pavel Calderon Director of New Materials
Petter Samuelsson Mechanical Engineer
Uniti Sweden _ Pontus Karlsson _ Product Developer Pontus Karlsson Product Developer
Robin Emanuelsson Prototyping Engineer
Ruiqi Lee Marketing & Communications Specialist
Sebastian Katra Lead Mechanical Engineer
Steven Deleglise Mechanical Engineer
Tatiana Proisy-Lesnik Junior Strategy Analyst
Tim Unerman Composite Manufacturing Specialist
Tobias Ekman Innovation Manager
Tobias Thornblad Mårtensson Electrical Engineer
Tom Andersson Electrical Engineer
Tommaso Bertani Cost Modelling Engineer
Uniti Sweden _ Verena Kitowski Verena Kitowski Marketing & PR Coordinator