The Uniti One is a three-seat, £15k electric city car

Oct 14, 2019

McLaren F1? Pah, what you need is a 65bhp city car with a central driving position

Until now, your options for three-seat vehicles with a centrally mounted driving position were catered for mainly by supercars and hypercars. Unobtanium like the McLaren F1, Speedtail… heck, even Gordon Murray’s upcoming T50 supercar.

Joining that esteemed list of exotica then, is this cheery lil’ fella. It’s called the Uniti One, and it’s a three-seat… £15,100 electric city car with 65bhp.

This Swedish-designed urban pod – engineered in the UK – will be offered with two battery packs. The standard car gets a 12kWh unit offering 93 miles of range from a single charge, while an optional 24kWh pack gives you 186 miles in one sitting. Uniti says 62 miles of range can be added in just ten minutes using a 50kW CCS charger.

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Configure your Uniti One