Easy charging at home, at work, or on the go

With a combination port for both fast AC and rapid DC charging, it’s quick and easy to top up your Uniti One. Add up to 100km in range in just 10 minutes!

Charging your Uniti One

The Uniti One comes with a 3.2kW AC charge port for home use, as well as a CCS DC charge port for public use, which provides 100km range in only 10mins charging time – both come as standard features. You also have the option to upgrade your AC charger to 7kW charge speed at home and 22kW at public AC fast chargers.

Charge times for 100km range

Charging Type

  • AC home charge
  • AC Public charge
  • DC public charge

Standard Charger

  • 2hrs 30mins (3.2kW)
  • 2hrs 30mins (3.2kW)
  • 10mins (50kW)

Upgraded Charger

  • 1 hr 8mins (7kW)
  • 22mins (22kW)
  • 10mins (50kW)
24kWh Battery Charge Speeds (20%-80% = 180km range)

AC 3.2kW


AC 7kW


AC 22kW


DC 50kW


12kWh Battery Charge Speeds (20%-80% = 90km range)

AC 3.2kW


AC 7kW


AC 22kW


DC 50kW



Offer from E.ON

Uniti is partnering up with E.ON to offer our British customers clean and renewable energy when you’re charging your vehicle at home. As an E.ON customer you can enjoy the following benefits:

Exclusive energy tariff:

E.ON are offering Uniti vehicle owners an exclusive 2-year fixed tariff with a 2,600 free mile reward to power your new vehicle.

  • 24-month tariff: Prices are fixed for 24 months from your tariff start date
  • 2,600 EV miles reward: You’ll get a 1,300 free mile reward each year
  • 100% renewable electricity and carbon offset gas
  • Free Go Green upgrade: E.ON will plant 10 trees with 'One Tree Planted' on your behalf
  • £20 off a smart home charger

Smart home charger:

The home charger is the perfect solution for your garage or carport. It guarantees a safe and convenient charging and is much safer than a regular socket.

Uniti customers choosing this exclusive E.ON tariff can also benefit from £20 off a smart home charger: We offer a 7.4kW fast smart charger and you can choose to have a built-in cable or a unit where you use your own fast charging cable.

You could get a £500 grant, click “Show details” for more information.

You can opt-in for E.ON’s ‘exclusive energy tariff’ and ‘smart home charger’ when you configure and order your vehicle.

Or equivalent 

Uniti customer price: from £355 incl VAT & OLEV grant

Price without Uniti discount & OLEV grant: £855 incl VAT